Qi Day Details

Qi Day(s) 2018 at a Glance (Details below)

Saturday, June 16th and Sunday, June 17th

Qigong Classes for the Public – 45 minutes each

9am Qi Day
Saturday – John Weiss
Sunday – Caroline MacGillivray 

Saturday – Jacob Larmour
Sunday – Jacob Larmour

Saturday – John Weiss
Sunday – Caroline MacGillivray 

Energy Healing Treatments – 90 minutes
OR 15-minute mini-treatments  

Mornings (90 minute) 9:45am and 11:30am  (Fully Booked!) 
Afternoons (15 minute) between 2-5pm (pre-registration recommended – see link below)
Only one healing treatment option per client to allow more people to be served

Qi Lounge and Information Station – 9am -5pm

Hours, Location and Classes

This year, we will be holding our event over the Father’s Day weekend, both Saturday, June 16th and Sunday, June 17th from 9am to 5pm.  We will be working in conjunction with the Empty Mountain Shamanic Chinese Medicine Institute.

All events will be at the Atrium Inn 2889 E. Hastings Street (near the PNE)

We will offer 45-minute Qigong classes each day at 9am, 10:15am and 11:30am

These classes are open to the public and are for all fitness levels.  Come join us and have a little fun learning about healing using the Traditional Chinese Medicine activity of Qigong (pronounced: Chi – Gung).

Free Qigong Treatments

There will be short mini treatments available on a sign up basis for the public.  These will be available in the afternoon (both days) from 2pm-5pm

Bios of the Healers will be listed on the Healer’s Page.  These will be approximately 15- 20 minute long chair treatments in our Qi Day room at the Atrium Inn.  You will have an opportunity to experience for yourself the power of energy healing from the ancient Chinese Shamanistic tradition.  There will be a facilitator on site arranging the sessions though pre-registration is recommended to get your time of choice.  Use the sign up link above.

As an added bonus this year, Empty Mountain graduate practitioners will be offering Free 90-minute treatments in the main floor conference room as a part of their year-end clinic.  These treatments will be over a three day period from Friday, June 15th to Sunday, June 17th, 2018.  All treatments are offered in the morning at either 9:45am or 11:30am

For details about this offering, visit www.emptymountain.com.  Please contact Wendy Lang, Executive Director of Empty Mountain to register for this unique opportunity.  These treatments are now taking people for their wait list!

Qi Lounge

Join us for in our Qi Lounge for a tea and a chat about how Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong can support your healing journey.

There will also be a table where you can talk to off duty teachers and healers about Qigong.  We welcome your interest!  You will also be able to get the contact details for each of the teachers and healers who are volunteering at this year’s event.

We hope you join us for a “Qi-riffic” Day or two!!!

Your Qi Day(s) 2018 Planning Committee
Jacob Larmour, Caroline MacGillivray, Deena Guffei and John Weiss