Qi Day Details

Qi DayHours & Location

We will be holding the event at the new Jim Deva Plaza at the intersection Davie and Bute in Vancouver’s West End, where the rainbow stripes cross the road.

We will start our first class at 11am and be finished at 5pm.

Free Qigong Mini Treatments

There will be short treatments available on a sign up basis for the public.

Bios of the  Healers will be listed on the Healer’s Page.  These will be approximately 20 minute long chair treatments under a canopy in the Healing Area.  You will have an opportunity to experience for yourself the power of energy healing from the ancient Chinese Shamanistic tradition.  There will be a facilitator on site arranging the sessions.

Qigong Classes

Here is the current schedule for teaching on Qi Day.  Find out more about them here.

11 am                Bonnie Jang

11:45 am          Jacob Larmour

12:30 pm         Caroline MacGillivray

1:15 pm            John Weiss

2 pm                 Blanche Boyce

2:45 pm           Minke de Vos

3:30 pm           Chris de Wreede

Information Table

There will be a table where you can talk to off duty teachers and healers about Qigong.  We welcome your interest!  You will also be able to get the contact details for each of the teachers and healers who are volunteering at the site.