Qi Days! 2018

We are happy to announce that this year we are planning on having two events in Vancouver!  And one of them is coming up soon…

First, During Father’s Day weekend of June 16/17 this year, we are going to be holding our first Qi Day East event at the Atrium Inn on East Hastings near the PNE.  This event will be held over two days, Saturday and Sunday, with free Qi Gong classes in the morning and free mini energetic healings, Jin Shin Do sessions and acupuncture in the afternoon.  We will be holding this event in conjunction with the annual free healing clinic offered by the Empty Mountain school of Shamanic Chinese Medicine.  This is going to be an amazing event!  We’ll post more details on this upcoming event very soon. Please check out Event Details page for more info.


Our second Qi Day event for 2018, we will be offering this year is our latest iteration of Qi Day in the West End, a Qi Dance Party!  Move to the Qi in a group setting with one of our amazing teachers accompanied by wonderful music.  This event will be happening on September 16th, 2018, and although we don’t have all the details down yet, we have received partial funding already!  So exciting to see this event grow and change.  We’ll keep you posted!!



Qi Day 2017!

2nd Annual Qi Day : 11 to 5 pm, Saturday, August 26th, 2017!


Qi Day reception
A beautiful reception at Qi Day 2016

That’s right.  Qi Day is now an annual event, and we’re gearing up for our second time around.  We will be offering free Qi Gong and possibly Tai Chi classes, TCM energetic healings, moxa treatments, fun and games all around at the Jim Deva Plaza in the West End between 11 am and 5 pm.

Keep checking back.  We’ll have more details on this years’ event coming on line over the next couple of weeks.