Our 2018 Healing Team!

jacob-larmour-28-e1526344050147.jpgJacob Larmour, MMQ

Jacob began his training in Qi Gong and the world of energetic arts in 1982, studying with Grandmaster Tchoung Ta-tchen and Dr Danica Beggs in Vancouver, BC. He studied western astrology, hermetics, ceremonial magic, I-ching, herbalism, organic farming, Castenada shamanism, Discordianism, acupressure, TCM and other systems. He has studied Medical Qi Gong with the International Institute of Medical Qi Gong and Shamanic Qi Gong with the Empty Mountain Institute.
He loves to share his knowledge of Qi Gong at his moving meditation classes and private coaching sessions in the Vancouver area.

His healing touch and intuitive connection to the energetic flow come to bear in his one-on-one therapeutic sessions.



Caroline MacGillivrey, MMQ
Caroline is a Medical Qi Gong Therapist. With 15 years of experience of wellness and health promotions in marginalized populations, Caroline was gifted a scholarship for medical qi gong practitioner and therapist certification at Empty Mountain Institute. In addition to working with patients in clinic, Caroline teaches medical qi gong workshops and classes. In addition to qigong, Caroline encourages connecting with mind, body and spirit through different modalities. Additional trainings Caroline has been gifted include 200 hour YTT through Karma Teachers and Prenatal yoga training with Lori Lucus. Caroline completed her Master in Medical Qi Gong and reiki certifications. Caroline teaches barre, meditation, ballet body, aerial yoga, vinyasa, hatha, yin, chair, kids classes throughout Metro Vancouver. A yoga teacher, dance instructor, writer, and speaker are selected activities Caroline is known for.
Caroline is best known as the founder of Beauty Night Society, an award-winning registered Canadian charity.

John in Bamboo Garden
John F. Weiss, MMQ
John Weiss has a Master’s Degree in Medical Qigong and is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist. He has been immersed in his love of movement for more than 15 years and created his private practice to continue that journey.  He offers classes, workshops, individual energy healing treatments and Qigong personal training to help people lower stress and increase vitality and well-being.
His passion is to continue to explore and share the wonderful resources and tools that human movement provides to enrich life and heal body, mind and soul.


Luke Kelly – Qigong Therapist (MMQ)

Luke Kelly received his training in Medical Qigong in Vancouver through a program endorsed by the International Institute of Medical Qigong. Luke draws on the experience of his own healing journey to help others navigate through the blockages they may encounter on their path to wellness. Through sensing and manipulating energy (Qi), Luke provides treatments that are gentle yet powerful and that respond to the energetic patterns of the individual. Sessions include a brief verbal assessment followed by direct energy work. This can be performed lying or sitting and involves the placing of hands on and off the body. Comfortable clothing is recommended to help with relaxation. Luke will generally prescribe self-guided Qigong exercises and meditations that are essential for continued improvement of symptoms.Luke first turned to Qigong after his studies in science led him to an appreciation of the ability of the mind to affect our health.

Luke also has training in Shamanic practices and has been influence by Jungian psychoanalysis, Transactional Analysis and Buddhist philosophy. Luke is originally from Sydney, Australia and first came to Canada as a ski instructor. He plays soccer, has an interest in Chinese martial arts and loves to bust a move on the dance floor.

Irene Dulay1
 Irene Dulay, Qigong Therapist (MMQ)
Irene’s journey with Medical Qigong started in 2011.  She has studied for 3 years with Wendy Lang at Empty Mountain Institute. Irene is currently active with Qigong in offering weekly classes at the North Burnaby Neighbourhood House.

Megumi's Headshot
Megumi Mora Miles, Jin Shin Do Practitioner

Megumi is originally from Japan. She was working as a nurse in Tokyo when she met a Qi-gong doctor from Beijing, China. This inspired her to learn Qi-gong seriously in Beijing later. Eventually her interest in Qi led her to Jin Shin Do® Acupressure teacher Ron Pankratz in Vancouver, Canada. Under his training it became clear that Jin Shin Do® brought together all of her passion about Qi, human nature, and spiritualityShe is giving sessions in North Vancouver.  Contact her at 604-345-8881.