1. Qi Day! August 28th

“Every day should be Qi Day,”says Caroline MacGillivray, Medical Qi Gong Therapist. On Sunday, August 28th we celebrate our first Qi Day at Jim Deva Plaza. From 10am to 4pm, Qi gong classes and treatments will be  offered for free!

Qi Day will be one of the first events at Jim Deva Plaza! August 28th 10-5pm.

Local and International Qi Gong Teachers will guide you through different styles of Qi Gong. Confirmed teachers include Qi Day Founder, Jacob Larmour, John Weiss and Caroline MacGillivray.

Qi Day Founder, Jacob Larmour with Caroline MacGillivray

“Qi Gong is one of the four branches of Chinese Medicine, ” explains MacGillivray. “In China, when people were ill, they would visit a Qi Gong Doctor. The doctor would offer a treatment and prescribe exercises to clear any stagnant Qi, tonify and regulate. The patient was told to complete the exercise prescription. 80% of patients who completed the prescribed workout did not need to return to the doctor.”

“Qi Gong is a workout that anyone can do, ” adds Qi Day Founder, Jacob Larmour. “You don’t need special clothing to wear for a Qi gong workout. It can be done in a chair. It’s adaptable for any fitness level. It is a workout that balances out the body, mind and spirit.”

Larmour, a Medical Qi Gong Therapist wanted to make Qi Gong accessible for everyone. After several years of offering free treatments to people on Vancouver’s DTES (Downtown Eastside) and teaching classes throughout the city, Larmour applied and received one of Vancouver Foundation’s Neighbourhood Grants.   Thanks to the support of Gordon Neighbourhood House, West End BIA and Jim Deva Plaza, Qi Day will give people an opportunity to explore Qi Gong.