Qi Day 2018 Volunteers Needed!

Qi Day would not be possible without the support of Vancouver Foundation’s Neighbourhood Grant or Empty Mountain or our dedicated volunteers. We are looking for volunteer healers who are available to commit to a shift on Saturday, June 16th & Sunday June 17th. Volunteers should be gregarious, team players who are comfortable working with general public. 

Qi Day Hosts (2 per shift)

8:30 am -12:30 pm shift

2pm -6 pm shift

Greeting people at our information table. Directing people to treatment tent and to class schedule. Answering questions about qi gong (cheat sheet will be there). Helping on site volunteer coordinator guide volunteers.

Qi Day Healers (5 per shift)

We are looking for Qi gong Healers, Jin Shin Do Practitioners and Acupuncturists to offer 15-20 minute healings. 

Shifts are from:

2 -4 pm

3-5 pm

Offering 15-20 minute qi gong treatments for people who would like to try treatments. * Shifts can be longer if volunteers would prefer.  There will be a training session for healers to get them prepared for the shorter 15 min format.

Qi Day Class Co-ordinator (2) 

9am- 12pm

Ensuring waivers are signed for classes. Coordinating classes to start and end on time. Working with teachers to make sure things flow smoothly. 

Qi Day First Aid Coordinator (1 -2 per shift)

Basic first aid if needed

Set up Crew

9:00 am – 10:45 am 

Setting up tables, chairs, and stations

Tear Down Crew

4:45- 6:45 pm

Tearing down stations, and putting away tables and chairs.

Addition roles include videographer and photographer. 

Please contact us at qidayevents@gmail.com.